Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to Outer Space! Engines to full!

Since I'm about to restart this blog up proper (really, I have posts lined up and everything!) I thought it would probably be a good idea to say what exactly the point is, here.

And the point is, that there are people who put way too much effort into defining the point. People who say not "I like Wicked, but I actually think the play was better than the book" or even "I hate that Idina Menzel had to share the stage with that scene- stealing Kristin Chenoweth " but "Given that Oz was originally a progressive idealist fantasy version of America, I find the modern attempts to revision it as dystopia disturbingly reflective of the growing trend towards regressivism and, indeed, outright superstition in American culture."*

People who would never admit "Oooh, Twilight's my guilty pleasure! Ok, it's for teenagers, but it's still so romantic!" but who would argue "Twilight's clearly written with juvenile intent, but I think it provides a fascinating, if unwitting, deconstruction of the standard love-as-salvation storyline. Edward's constant apparently motiveless "love" of Bella, despite the insistence of the narrative on her essential weakness, parallels medieval Christian morality plays about the unconditional love of Christ for flawed humanity, while the vampiric curse of sterility suggests that such love is in fact ultimately corrupting."**

People whose main dispute about chili is not whether or not it should contain beans, but whether it represents the organic synthesis of cultures that regularly occur at the borders of dominant cultures, or reflects the cultural imperialism of mainstream American culture at the turn of the nineteenth century.***

People who, in short, overthink things to a staggering degree.

This blog is for those people,their overthinking, the arguments, and, of course, the discussions about Nathan Fillion's pants.

See you Tuesday!javascript:void(0)

*Yes, this actually is a part of my opinion on Wicked. But that's a whole post in itself.

**No, I don't actually think this. I'm firmly in the Twilight-is-teenage-girl-porn camp. But I bet I could get an A on the paper!

***The answer, of course, is that beans in chili are the devil's work. Chili is what you eat on the trail to get the heck away from beans for a night. It's based on German beef stew for crying out loud! What is wrong with you bean-adding lunatics?!?


  1. if you're gong to diss Wicked (or Idina or Kristin), I'm going to ignore you and focus on Nathan's pants.

  2. Ha! No, I actually love the music for Wicked. Well, most of it. Dr. Dillamond's songs kinda creep me out. And I think Menzel and Chenoweth both have fantastic voices. That was a shout out to the Great Wicked Wars of Aught-Whatever, in which an enormous number of fans on both sides consider one of the lead actresses to be "stealing" time and attention from the other. Never mind that the absolute best songs are their duets. Fandom, man. It's nuts.

    My problems with Wicked are strictly philosophical. I'll post about it, someday, and hope it actually provokes you to come smack me.

    None of which means you shouldn't focus on Nathan's pants, or, on the occasions those are missing, the lack thereof.


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