Bloglang Lexicon

A list of terms used in this blog, with specific definitions. If we're gonna have arguments, let's know what we're arguing over!

Geek, noun: someone prone to having intensely detailed knowledge in narrow areas. This generally comes at the expense of broader knowledge. A fan who knows the director of every Trek episode but never watches non-genre documentaries is a geek; so is a scientist studying the genetic markers for cancer who doesn't know how to cook.

Geek, verb (to geek, geek out):to obsessively study or overanalyze a subject

Geek Culture: Those things primarily of interest to geeks. Internet fads, comics, anime, specfic.

Feminism, Feminist: the political and social belief that women should have the same rights as men. Period. Any attempt to use "feminist" to mean "women that won't date me" or "man haters" will earn the commenter an extremely condescending nickname.

Skiffy: Science fiction that's light on the science, generally in the name of Cool. Sometimes pejorative. On this blog, used as an exclamatory. "That new walking wheelchair is skiffy!"